Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer 2008 To Do List

As part of an annual meeting, we got together and did a quick tour of Wet Meadow II to admire the beauty and to see what might need to be done this summer.

Invasive Plant Removal
  • Remove Canadian thistle from SE corner of wm2 lower tier
    Thistle has a thick and prickly body and leaves. Best to pull it after a rain. Wear gloves.
  • Remove sweet clover - not widely distributed, but we need to stay on it.
    Also good to remove after a rain by pulling
  • Bindweed or wild morning glory - SE of WMII under walnut tree
    Keep plastic in place to smother it.
  • Pull buckthorn from Palace of Nature
    Anytime, but especially after a rain. The little seedlings will keep coming up, but they are easy to pull.
General Stuff
  • Path maintenance
    The new east to west path needs to be weeded and stomped from time to time.
  • Protect wafer ash w tree cage and sign at north end
    Two tree cages and signs
  • Sandbox sign
    Welcome sign and also remind people to play within the sandbox (and don't throw the rocks)
  • Weed and woodchip and plant north end of palace of nature
    Careful of the new redbuds coming up. Plant more wild strawberries and cinqfoil.
  • Build 7 Tree cages
    easy: 3 ft tall fence with 2x4 slots, 36 inch circumference (17-19 2" sections), 3 foot metal stake
  • Build a New path from kiosk to bench
Kiosk and Signs
  • Update signs in kiosk
  • Caulk kiosk
  • UV protection for kiosk

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