Monday, November 15, 2010

Wet Meadow 1 Extension and Path

This fall, the City of Ann Arbor reconstructed the path from Easy Street into Buhr Park. The new sidewalk replaces one that had been sitting in the lowest part of the park. The reconstructed path goes has been re-routed so that it is a little higher and it also allows for expansion of Wet Meadow 1.

Originally, the first wet meadow was going to be in this location, but because of the existing sidewalk (now removed) and a shallow underground drain tile, Wet Meadow 1 was built just to the north.

During construction, the Super Swampers investigated where the drain tile was located by finding the west and east catch basins.

The new design also includes a grass path between wet meadow 1 and the expansion, sometimes called 1b.

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