Saturday, March 9, 2013

Super Swampers Spring Planning

Super Swampers met today to plan activities for the year. We spent time thinking about what we liked about the wet meadows and the project and then brainstormed things we'd like to do.

Here's what we like:
  • It helps the environment
  • The flowers and the birds
  • Community
  • Bringing beauty to our park
  • Flowers
  • Helps animals live
  • Habitats for animals
  • Playing, plants, water, smiles, laughing
Here are some of the things we'd like to do (in the order of number of dot votes each one got):
  • Making or planting things (6)
  • Food (4)
  • The Burn (4)
  • Signs and awareness (4)
  • Animals (3)
  • Play/Fun (2) - but we always have fun
  • Taking care of it (1)
We'll get together soon to start planning the burn and things to make or plant.

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