Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Wet Meadow Burn - April 9

The 15th annual Wet Meadow Burn took place in Buhr Park on April 9. At about 5:00 PM the NAP crew lead by Tina, lit up Wet Meadow 3. 
City of Ann Arbor natural area program staff conduct the annual prescribed burn of the wet meadows.

This year we burned Wet Meadow 2, Wet Meadow 3, the parking lot swale, and several other native plantings. We are hoping to burn Wet Meadow 1 and Wet Meadow 1 extension later in the spring to help control crown vetch.

Burns help manage native landscapes by clearing out old growth, fighting back non-native plants that are not fire-adapted, and preparing the ground for spring growth.

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