Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Tickle bees" at Buhr


You may have seen this video about "tickle bees" at an elementary school in Portland, OR.
These are stngless, solitary native bees that nest in bare soil (in this case a school playground. ) For several years the Oregon children have been playing with them in early Spring, and call them "tickle bees". (Scientist call them Adrena sp.)

We are lucky to have some of these amazing insects in the Buhr Park Childrens Wet Meadows.They especially like the bare soil in the upper basin of Wet Meadow II.(This is behind the swimming pool, closest to the ice rink.)

Have you seen their  little cones and dirt piles? This time of year, you may also see males cruising about 12 - 14 inches above the ground. (There's a great shot of this in the Oregon video.) Sunny days are best to see the bees in flight.

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