The Wet Meadows

There are three main wet meadows in Buhr Park. Each was designed and planted by members of the project and neighborhood volunteers. Together they help to keep all of the stormwater that falls on the park in the park! The water is used to create beautiful habitats for native plant, pollinators and critters.

Wet Meadow 1

Planted in 1997, expanded in 2011

Wet meadow 1, or "the wet meadow," was our first rodeo. We needed to learn all about hydrology, bulldozers, plants, and bureaucracy to get it done. Planting the extension was easier - we only had to contend with torrential rain.

Wet Meadow 2

Planted in 2004

Wet meadow 2 is behind the pool and ice rink. It has 3 tiers to allow rainwater and snowmelt to settle and nurture the wildflowers rather than flooding the lower parking lot.

Wet Meadow 3

Planted in 2010

Wet meadow 3 is at the northern end of the park where a sidewalk connects Essex Street and Allen Elementary School. The City of Ann Arbor shaped the land for wet meadow 3 as part of a sidewalk reconstruction project. The wet meadow team and many neighbors helped to plant 1600+ plants.

Wet Meadow 1 in Bloom

The original wet meadow has matured and now has more grass species and fewer wildflowers than when it was planted many years ago.

Wet Meadow 2 in Bloom

One of the most interesting features of wet meadow 2 is the sandy area at the north end. It supports different species including cacti!

Wet Meadow 3 in Bloom

Wet meadow 3 looks lovely throughout the spring and summer and can be observed from the surrounding sidewalks.